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1NBN ISO 10006:2018Quality management - Guidelines for quality management in projects2018-05-29
2NBN EN 14399-9:2018High-strength structural bolting assemblies for preloading - Part 9: System HR or HV - Direct tension indicators for bolt and nut assemblies2018-05-29
3NBN EN 16602-30:2018Space product assurance - Dependability2018-05-29
4NBN EN 16602-40:2018Space product assurance - Safety2018-05-29
5NBN EN ISO 19085-4:2018Woodworking machines - Safety - Part 4: Vertical panel circular sawing machines (ISO 19085-4:2018)2018-05-29
6NBN EN 1366-11:2018Fire resistance tests for service installations - Part 11: Fire protective systems for cable systems and associated components2018-05-29
7NBN EN ISO 21028-2:2018Cryogenic vessels - Toughness requirements for materials at cryogenic temperature - Part 2: Temperatures between -80 degrees C and -20 degrees C (ISO 21028-2:2018)2018-05-29
8NBN EN ISO 18640-2:2018Protective clothing for firefighters - Physiological impact - Part 2: Determination of physiological heat load caused by protective clothing worn by firefighters (ISO 18640-2:2018)2018-05-29
9NBN EN 17030:2018Space - Earth observation - Image processing levels2018-05-29
10NBN EN 16603-10:2018Space engineering - System engineering general requirements2018-05-29
11NBN EN 689:2018Workplace exposure - Measurement of exposure by inhalation to chemical agents - Strategy for testing compliance with occupational exposure limit values2018-05-29
12NBN EN 1092-1:2018Flanges and their joints - Circular flanges for pipes, valves, fittings and accessories, PN designated - Part 1: Steel flanges2018-05-29
13NBN EN 16910-1:2018Railway applications - Rolling stock - Requirements for non-destructive testing on running gear in railway maintenance - Part 1: Wheelsets2018-05-29
14NBN EN 14399-10:2018High-strength structural bolting assemblies for preloading - Part 10: System HRC - Bolt and nut assemblies with calibrated preload2018-05-29
15NBN EN 16932-3:2018Drain and sewer systems outside buildings - Pumping systems - Part 3: Vacuum systems2018-05-29
16NBN EN 16932-2:2018Drain and sewer systems outside buildings - Pumping systems - Part 2: Positive pressure systems2018-05-29
17NBN EN 16932-1:2018Drain and sewer systems outside buildings - Pumping systems - Part 1: General requirements2018-05-29
18NBN EN 12216:2018Shutters, external blinds, internal blinds - Terminology, glossary and definitions2018-05-29
19NBN EN 16991:2018Risk-based inspection framework2018-05-29
20NBN EN 419221-5:2018Protection Profiles for TSP Cryptographic Modules - Part 5: Cryptographic Module for Trust Services2018-05-29