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1CEN/TR 17079:2018Design of fastenings for use in concrete - Redundant non-structural systems2018-09-28
2CEN/TR 17080:2018Design of fastenings for use in concrete - Anchor channels - Supplementary rules2018-09-28
3CEN/TR 17081:2018Design of fastenings for use in concrete - Plastic design of fastenings with headed and post-installed fasteners2018-09-28
4CEN/TR 17225:2018Fuels and biofuels - Assessment on oxidation stability determination methods for distillate fuels and blends thereof with fatty acid methyl esters (FAME)2018-09-28
5CEN/TR 17236:2018Electronic cigarettes and e-liquids - Constituents to be measured in the aerosol of vaping products2018-09-28
6CEN/TR 17249-1:2018Intelligent transport systems - eSafety - Part 1: Extending eCall to other categories of vehicle2018-09-28
7CEN/TR 17172:2018Validation testing program on chloride penetration and carbonation standardized test methods2018-09-22
8CWA 17335:2018Terminologies in crisis and disaster management2018-09-22
9CWA 17327:2018Hotel General Manager - Knowledge, skills and competence requirements2018-09-22
10NBN EN 6126:2018Aerospace series - Fitting end, 24° internal cone, external thread, flareless type, size -32 tube diameter D=2 inches (D=50,8 mm) extra fine thread pitch inch series - Inch series - Design standard2018-09-19
11NBN EN 14458:2018Personal eye-equipment - High performance visors intended only for use with protective helmets2018-09-19
12NBN EN 12519:2018Windows and pedestrian doors - Terminology2018-09-19
13NBN EN 2591-326:2018Aerospace series - Elements of electrical and optical connection - Test methods - Part 326: Fire immersion test2018-09-19
14NBN EN 6109:2018Aerospace series - Static seal elements elastomer, moulded, phosphate ester resistant - Technical specification2018-09-19
15NBN EN 13203-6:2018Gas-fired domestic appliances producing hot water - Part 6: Assessment of energy consumption of adsorption and absorption heat pumps2018-09-19
16NBN EN 2591-100:2018Aerospace series - Elements of electrical and optical connection - Test methods - Part 100: General2018-09-19
17NBN EN ISO 8434-1:2018Metallic tube connections for fluid power and general use - Part 1: 24° cone connectors (ISO 8434-1:2018)2018-09-19
18NBN EN 1563:2018Founding - Spheroidal graphite cast irons2018-09-19
19NBN EN 54-7:2018Fire detection and fire alarm systems - Part 7: Smoke detectors - Point smoke detectors that operate using scattered light, transmitted light or ionization2018-09-19
20NBN EN 16603-20-20:2018Space engineering - Electrical design and interface requirements for power supply2018-09-19