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1CEN/TS 17288:2020Health informatics - The International Patient Summary - Guideline for European Implementation2020-05-29
2CEN/TS 17470:2020Service model for social care alarms2020-05-29
3NBN ISO/TR 56004:2020Innovation Management Assessment ? Guidance2020-05-27
4NBN ISO 56003:2020Innovation management ? Tools and methods for innovation partnership ? Guidance2020-05-27
5NBN ISO 56002:2020Innovation management ? Innovation management system ? Guidance2020-05-27
6NBN ISO 56000:2020Innovation management ? Fundamentals and vocabulary2020-05-27
7NBN ISO 50046:2020General methods for predicting energy savings2020-05-27
8NBN ISO 50045:2020Technical guidelines for the evaluation of energy savings of thermal power plants2020-05-27
9NBN ISO/TS 50044:2020Energy saving projects (EnSPs) ? Guidelines for economic and financial evaluation2020-05-27
10NBN ISO 50021:2020Energy management and energy savings ? General guidelines for selecting energy savings evaluators2020-05-27
11NBN ISO/TS 50008:2020Energy management and energy savings ? Building energy data management for energy performance ? Guidance for a systemic data exchange approach2020-05-27
12NBN ISO 44002:2020Collaborative business relationship management systems ? Guidelines on the implementation of ISO 440012020-05-27
13NBN ISO/TR 44000:2020Principles for successful collaborative business relationship management2020-05-27
14NBN ISO 39511:2020Sequential sampling plans for inspection by variables for percent nonconforming (known standard deviation)2020-05-27
15NBN ISO 30414:2020Human resource management ? Guidelines for internal and external human capital reporting2020-05-27
16NBN ISO/TS 30410:2020Human resource management ? Impact of hire metric2020-05-27
17NBN ISO 30409:2020Human resource management ? Workforce planning2020-05-27
18NBN ISO/TR 30406:2020Human resource management ? Sustainable employability management for organizations2020-05-27
19NBN ISO 30302:2020Information and documentation ? Management systems for records ? Guidelines for implementation2020-05-27
20NBN ISO 30042:2020Management of terminology resources ? TermBase eXchange (TBX)2020-05-27