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1CEN/TS 16614-1:2020Public transport - Network and Timetable Exchange (NeTEx) - Part 1: Public transport network topology exchange format2020-05-02
2CEN/TS 16931-7:2020Electronic invoicing - Part 7: Methodology for the development and use of EN 16931-1 compliant structured Core Invoice Usage Specifications2020-05-02
3CEN/TS 16157-9:2020Intelligent transport systems - DATEX II data exchange specifications for traffic management and information - Part 9: Traffic signal management publications dedicated to the urban environment2020-05-02
4CEN/TR 17475:2020Space - Use of GNSS-based positioning for road Intelligent Transport System (ITS) - Specification of the test facilities, definition of test scenarios, description and validation of the procedures for field tests related to security performance of GNSS-based positioning terminals2020-05-02
5CWA 16926-19:2020Extensions for Financial Services (XFS) interface specification Release 3.40 - Part 19: Biometrics Device Class Interface Proposal - Programmer's Reference2020-05-02
6CEN/TS 16931-3-4:2020Electronic invoicing - Part 3-4: Syntax binding for UN/EDIFACT INVOIC D16B2020-05-05
7CEN/TS 17457:2020Postal services - Digital, optional online connected, opening and closing systems for parcel receptacles for home use with free access for the delivery and collection operators and consumers2020-05-08
8CEN/TS 13149-10:2020Public transport - Road vehicle scheduling and control systems - Part 10: Location service2020-05-08
9CEN/TS 13149-11:2020Public transport - Road vehicle scheduling and control systems - Part 11: Vehicle platform interface service2020-05-08
10CEN/TS 13149-9:2020Public transport - Road vehicle scheduling and control systems - Part 9: Time service2020-05-08
11CEN/TS 17466:2020Intelligent transport systems - Urban ITS - Communication interfaces and profiles for traffic management2020-05-08
12CWA 17518:2020Good practice recommendations for making Climate Adaptation Plans for fisheries and aquaculture2020-05-08
13CWA 17540:2020Ships and marine technology ? Specification for bunkering of methanol fuelled vessels2020-05-08
14CWA 17513:2020Crisis and disaster management - Semantic and syntactic interoperability2020-05-08
15CWA 17515:2020Building a common simulation space2020-05-08
16CEN/TS 16614-2:2020Public transport - Network and Timetable Exchange (NeTEx) - Part 2: Public transport scheduled timetables exchange format2020-05-15