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1CEN ISO/TS 25107:2019Non-destructive testing - NDT training syllabuses (ISO/TS 25107:2019)2019-10-19
2CEN/TS 17380:2019Intelligent transport systems - Urban-ITS - 'Controlled Zone' management for UVARs using C-ITS2019-10-19
3CEN/TS 17378:2019Intelligent transport systems - Urban ITS - Air quality management in urban areas2019-10-11
4CEN/TR 17426:2019Sanitary appliances - Drainage systems for the application of sanitary appliances2019-10-11
5CEN ISO/TS 21177:2019Intelligent transport systems - ITS station security services for secure session establishment and authentication between trusted devices (ISO/TS 21177:2019)2019-10-04
6CEN/TS 17297-2:2019Intelligent transport systems - Location Referencing Harmonisation for Urban-ITS - Part 2: Transformation methods 2019-09-27
7CEN/TR 17421:2019Animal feeding stuffs: Methods of sampling and analysis - Recommendations for the organization and evaluation of collaborative studies for multi-analyte methods of analysis2019-09-27
8NBN ISO 21542:2019Building construction ? Accessibility and usability of the built environment2019-09-25
9NBN ISO 15392:2019Sustainability in building construction - General principles2019-09-25
10NBN ISO 6707-2:2019Buildings and civil engineering works - Vocabulary - Part 2: Contract and communication terms2019-09-25
11NBN ISO 6707-3:2019Buildings and civil engineering works - Vocabulary - Part 3: Sustainability terms2019-09-25
12NBN ISO 7176-10:2019Wheelchairs - Part 10: Determination of obstacle-climbing ability of electrically powered wheelchairs2019-09-25
13NBN ISO 7176-13:2019Wheelchairs - Part 13: Determination of coefficient of friction of test surfaces2019-09-25
14NBN ISO 7176-14:2019Wheelchairs - Part 14: Power and control systems for electrically powered wheelchairs and scooters - Requirements and test methods2019-09-25
15NBN ISO 7176-15:2019Wheelchairs - Part 15: Requirements for information disclosure, documentation and labelling2019-09-25
16NBN ISO 7176-3:2019Wheelchairs - Part 3: Determination of effectiveness of brakes2019-09-25
17NBN ISO 7176-5:2019Wheelchairs - Part 5: Determination of dimensions, mass and manoeuvring space2019-09-25
18NBN ISO 7176-7:2019Wheelchairs - Part 7: Measurement of seating and wheel dimensions2019-09-25
19NBN ISO 20698:2019Catheter systems for neuraxial application - Sterile and single-use catheters and accessories2019-09-25
20NBN ISO 817:2019Refrigerants - Designation and safety classification2019-09-25