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1NBN S 21-204-2:2020/AC:2021Brandbeveiliging van de gebouwen - Schoolgebouwen - Deel 2: Brandbeveiliging van nieuwe schoolgebouwen
Protection contre l'incendie dans les bâtiments - Bâtiments scolaires - Partie 2: Protection contre l'incendie des nouveaux bâtiments scolaires
2NBN EN 303-5:2021Heating boilers - Part 5: Heating boilers for solid fuels, manually and automatically stoked, nominal heat output of up to 500 kW - Terminology, requirements, testing and marking2021-04-09
3NBN EN ISO 8099-2:2021Small craft - Waste systems - Part 2: Sewage treatment systems (ISO 8099-2:2020)2021-04-09
4NBN EN ISO 8848:2021Small craft - Remote mechanical steering systems (ISO 8848:2020)2021-04-09
5NBN EN 13600:2021Copper and copper alloys - Seamless copper tubes for electrical purposes2021-04-09
6NBN EN ISO 21645:2021Solid recovered fuels - Methods for sampling (ISO 21645:2021)2021-04-09
7NBN EN ISO 9046:2021Building and civil engineering sealants - Determination of adhesion/cohesion properties at constant temperature (ISO 9046:2021)2021-04-09
8NBN EN ISO 3262-19:2021Extenders - Specifications and methods of test - Part 19: Precipitated silica (ISO 3262-19:2021)2021-04-09
9NBN EN ISO 3262-20:2021Extenders - Specifications and methods of test - Part 20: Fumed silica (ISO 3262-20:2021)2021-04-09
10NBN EN ISO 22282-4:2021Geotechnical investigation and testing - Geohydraulic testing - Part 4: Pumping tests (ISO 22282-4:2021)2021-04-09
11NBN EN ISO 19085-1:2021Woodworking machines - Safety - Part 1: Common requirements (ISO 19085-1:2021)2021-04-09
12CEN/TR 17620:2021Guidelines for selection, use, care and maintenance of smart garments protecting against heat and flame2021-04-09
13NBN EN ISO 14907-2:2021Electronic fee collection - Test procedures for user and fixed equipment - Part 2: Conformance test for the on-board unit application interface (ISO 14907-2:2021)2021-04-09
14NBN EN ISO 6410-3:2021Technical drawings - Screw threads and threaded parts - Part 3: Simplified representation (ISO 6410-3:2021)2021-04-09
15NBN EN ISO 28399:2021Dentistry - External tooth bleaching products (ISO 28399:2021)2021-04-09
16CEN ISO/TS 21362:2021Nanotechnologies - Analysis of nano-objects using asymmetrical-flow and centrifugal field-flow fractionation (ISO/TS 21362:2018)2021-04-09
17NBN B 21-605:2021Geprefabriceerde betonproducten - Holle vloerelementen - Nationale toepassingsnorm bij NBN EN 1168+A3:2011
Produits préfabriqués en béton - Dalles alvéolées - Norme d'application nationale à la NBN EN 1168+A3:2011
18NBN/DTD B 61-001:2021Stookafdelingen en schoorstenen
Chaufferies et cheminées
19NBN/DTD B 61-002:2021Centrale verwarmingsketels met een nominaal vermogen kleiner dan 70 kW ? Voorschriften voor hun opstellingsruimte, luchttoevoer en afvoer van de verbrandingsgassen
Chaudières de chauffage central dont la puissance nominale est inférieure à 70 kW - Prescriptions concernant leur espace d'installation, leur amenée d'air et leur évacuation de fumée
20NBN EN ISO 19879:2021Metallic tube connections for fluid power and general use - Test methods for hydraulic fluid power connections (ISO 19879:2021)2021-04-02