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1CEN/TS 17385:2019Method for condition assessment of immobile constructed assets2019-11-08
2CEN/TS 16459:2019External fire exposure of roofs and roof coverings - Extended application of test results from CEN/TS 11872019-11-08
3CEN/TS 16794-1:2019Public transport - Communication between contactless readers and fare media - Part 1: Implementation requirements for ISO/IEC 144432019-10-29
4CEN/TS 16794-2:2019Public transport - Communication between contactless readers and fare media - Part 2: Test plan for ISO/IEC 144432019-10-29
5CEN ISO/TS 35105:2019Petroleum and natural gas industries - Arctic operations - Material requirements for arctic operations (ISO/TS 35105:2018)2019-10-29
6CEN ISO/TS 19468:2019Intelligent transport systems - Data interfaces between centres for transport information and control systems - Platform independent model specifications for data exchange protocols for transport information and control systems (ISO/TS 19468:2019)2019-10-29
7NBN ISO 24508:2019Ergonomics - Accessible design - Guidelines for designing tactile symbols and characters2019-10-23
8NBN ISO 14008:2019Monetary valuation of environmental impacts and related environmental aspects2019-10-23
9NBN ISO/IEC 27701:2019Security techniques - Extension to ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC 27002 for privacy information management - Requirements and guidelines2019-10-23
10NBN ISO 16000-40:2019Indoor air - Part 40: Indoor air quality management system2019-10-23
11NBN ISO 21101:2019Adventure tourism - Safety management systems - Requirements2019-10-23
12NBN ISO 21401:2019Tourism and related services - Sustainability management system for accommodation establishments - Requirements2019-10-23
13NBN ISO/TS 22163:2019Railway applications - Quality management system - Business management system requirements for rail organizations: ISO 9001:2015 and particular requirements for application in the rail sector2019-10-23
14NBN EN 2390:2019Aerospace series - Aluminium alloy 6082-T6 - Tubes for structures 0,6 mm ? a ? 12,5 mm2019-10-23
15NBN EN 2816:2019Aerospace series - Steel FE-PM1802 (X5CrNiCu15-5) - Consumable electrode remelted - Solution treated and precipitation treated - Forgings - a or D ? 200 mm - Rm ? 965 MPa2019-10-23
16NBN EN 2957:2019Aerospace series - Method of preparation of forged samples2019-10-23
17NBN EN 3510:2019Aerospace series - Heat resisting alloy FE-PA2602 (X4NiCrTiMoV26-15) - Solution treated and precipitation treated - Bars and sections - De ? 100 mm2019-10-23
18NBN EN ISO 13437:2019Geosynthetics - Installing and retrieving samples in the field for durability assessment (ISO 13437:2019)2019-10-23
19NBN EN 17178:2019Liquid petroleum products - Determination of the total volatile sulfur content in liquefied petroleum gases by ultraviolet fluorescence spectroscopy2019-10-23
20NBN EN ISO 11393-2:2019Protective clothing for users of hand-held chainsaws - Part 2: Performance requirements and test methods for leg protectors (ISO 11393-2:2018)2019-10-23