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181CEN/TS 17705:2022Plant biostimulants - Determination of phosphonates2022-03-26
182CEN/TS 17706:2022Plant biostimulants - Determination of inorganic arsenic2022-03-26
183CEN/TS 16209:2022Furniture - Classification for properties for furniture surfaces2022-03-26
184NBN EN 12020-1:2022Aluminium and aluminium alloys - Extruded precision profiles in alloys EN AW-6060 and EN AW-6063 - Part 1: Technical conditions for inspection and delivery2022-03-26
185NBN EN 4566:2022Aerospace series - Heat resisting alloy CO-PH4101 (CoCr20W15Ni) -Vacuum melted - Solution treated - Forgings - De ? 100 mm2022-03-26
186NBN EN 851:2022Aluminium and aluminium alloys - Circle and circle stock for the production of culinary utensils - Specifications2022-03-26
187NBN EN ISO 489:2022Plastics - Determination of refractive index (ISO 489:2022)2022-03-26
188NBN EN ISO 10423:2022Petroleum and natural gas industries - Drilling and production equipment - Wellhead and tree equipment (ISO 10423:2022)2022-03-26
189CEN/TS 17702-1:2022Plant biostimulants - Sampling and sample preparation - Part 1: Sampling2022-03-26
190CEN/TS 17702-2:2022Plant biostimulants - Sampling and sample preparation - Part 2: Sample preparation2022-03-26
191CEN/TS 17707:2022Plant biostimulants - Determination of the yeast and mould content2022-03-26
192CEN/TS 17700-4:2022Plant biostimulants - Claims - Part 4: Determination of quality traits resulting from the use of a plant biostimulant2022-03-26
193CEN/TS 17700-1:2022Plant biostimulants - Claims - Part 1: General principles2022-03-26
194CEN/TS 17708:2022Plant biostimulants - Preparation of sample for microbial analysis2022-03-26
195CEN/TS 17709:2022Plant biostimulants - Determination of Azotobacter spp.2022-03-26
196CEN/TS 17710:2022Plant biostimulants - Detection of Listeria monocytogenes2022-03-26
197CEN/TS 17711:2022Plant biostimulants - Detection of Vibrio spp.2022-03-26
198CEN/TS 17700-5:2022Plant biostimulants - Claims - Part 5: Determination of availability of confined nutrients in the soil or rhizosphere2022-03-26
199CEN/TS 17700-2:2022Plant biostimulants - Claims - Part 2: Nutrient use efficiency resulting from the use of a plant biostimulant2022-03-26
200CEN/TS 17712:2022Plant biostimulants - Detection of Staphylococcus aureus2022-03-26