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181NBN EN 1307:2014+A3:2019Textile floor coverings - Classification2019-01-30
182NBN EN 388:2016+A1:2019Protective gloves against mechanical risks2019-01-30
183NBN EN 16475-3:2016+A1:2019Chimneys - Accessories - Part 3: Draught regulators, standstill opening devices and combined secondary air devices - Requirements and test methods2019-01-30
184NBN EN 15663:2017+A1:2019Railway applications - Vehicle reference masses2019-01-30
185NBN EN 12697-3:2013+A1:2019Bitumineuze mengsels - Beproevingsmethoden - Deel 3: Terugwinning van bitumen: Rotatieverdamper
Mélanges Bitumineux - Méthodes d'essai - Partie 3: Extraction des bitumes à l'évaporateur rotatif
186NBN EN 12966:2014+A1:2019Road vertical signs - Variable message traffic signs2019-01-30
187NBN EN 13374:2013+A1:2019Temporary edge protection systems - Product specification - Test methods2019-01-30
188CEN/TR 17311:2019Public transport - Interoperable fare management system - Bluetooth low energy ticketing use cases and guidelines2019-02-05
189CEN/TR 17310:2019Carbonation and CO2 uptake in concrete2019-02-05
190CEN Guide 17:2019Safety of pressure equipment - Rules and recommendations for the drafting and presentation of safety standards2019-02-05
191CWA 17379:2019General guideline on real drive test methodology for compiling comparable emission data2019-02-05
192CWA 17377:2019Design and Construction Codes for Gen II to IV nuclear facilities (pilot case for process for evolution of AFCEN codes)2019-02-08
193CEN/TR 17320:2019Railway applications - Infrastructure - Determination of laboratory test parameters for assessing the mechanical durability of rail fastening systems - Complementary element2019-02-08
194CEN/TR 13695-2:2019Packaging - Requirements for measuring and verifying the four heavy metals and other dangerous substances present in packaging, and their release into the environment - Part 2: Requirements for measuring and verifying dangerous substances present in packaging, and their release into the environment2019-02-16
195CEN/TR 17345:2019Waste - State-of-the-art document - Halogens and sulfur by oxidative pyrohydrolytic combustion followed by ion chromatography detection2019-02-16
196CEN/TS 17249-4:2019Intelligent transport systems - eSafety - Part 4: eCall for UNECE Category T, R, S agricultural/forestry vehicles2019-02-22
197NBN ISO 26262-1:2019Road vehicles - Functional safety --Part 1: Vocabulary (ISO 26262-1:2018)2019-02-27
198NBN ISO 26262-2:2019Road vehicles -- Functional safety -- Part 2: Management of functional safety (ISO 26262-2:2018)2019-02-27
199NBN ISO 26262-3:2019Road vehicles - Functional safety - Part 3: Concept phase (ISO 26262-3:2018)2019-02-27
200NBN ISO 26262-4:2019Road vehicles - Functional safety -Part 4: Product development at the system level (ISO 26262-4:2018)2019-02-27