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241NBN ISO/IEC 29140:2022Information technology for learning, education and training ? Nomadicity and mobile technologies2022-05-25
242NBN ISO/IEC 19785-2:2022Information technology ? Common Biometric Exchange Formats Framework ? Part 2: Biometric registration authority2022-05-25
243NBN ISO/IEC 19794-7:2022Information technology ? Biometric data interchange formats ? Part 7: Signature/sign time series data2022-05-25
244NBN ISO/IEC 21472:2022Information technology ? Scenario evaluation methodology for user interaction influence in biometric system performance2022-05-25
245NBN ISO/IEC 22237-1:2022Information technology ? Data centre facilities and infrastructures ? Part 1: General concepts2022-05-25
246NBN ISO/IEC 22237-3:2022Information technology ? Data centre facilities and infrastructures ? Part 3: Power distribution2022-05-25
247NBN ISO/IEC 22237-4:2022Information technology ? Data centre facilities and infrastructures ? Part 4: Environmental control2022-05-25
248NBN ISO/IEC 38503:2022Information technology ? Governance of IT ? Assessment of the governance of IT2022-05-25
249NBN ISO/IEC 21823-3:2022Internet of things (IoT) ? Interoperability for IoT systems ? Part 3: Semantic interoperability2022-05-25
250NBN ISO 22085-3:2022Intelligent transport systems (ITS) ? Nomadic device service platform for micro mobility ? Part 3: Data structure and data exchange procedures2022-05-25
251NBN ISO/IEC 30118-11:2022Information technology ? Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) Specification ? Part 11: Device to cloud services specification2022-05-25
252NBN ISO/IEC 24745:2022Information security, cybersecurity and privacy protection ? Biometric information protection2022-05-25
253NBN ISO/IEC 15961-1:2022Information technology ? Data protocol for radio frequency identification (RFID) for item management ? Part 1: Application interface2022-05-25
254NBN ISO 20529-2:2022Intelligent transport systems ? Framework for Green ITS (G-ITS) standards ? Part 2: Integrated mobile service applications2022-05-24
255NBN ISO 22741-1:2022Intelligent transport systems ? Roadside modules AP-DATEX data interface ? Part 1: Overview2022-05-24
256NBN ISO 23376:2022Intelligent transport systems ? Vehicle-to-vehicle intersection collision warning systems (VVICW) ? Performance requirements and test procedures2022-05-24
257NBN ISO 20302:2022Health informatics ? Health cards ? Numbering system and registration procedure for issuer identifiers2022-05-24
258NBN ISO 22077-1:2022Health informatics ? Medical waveform format ? Part 1: Encoding rules2022-05-24
259NBN ISO 37106:2022Sustainable cities and communities ? Guidance on establishing smart city operating models for sustainable communities2022-05-24
260NBN ISO 23257:2022Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies ? Reference architecture2022-05-24