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261NBN EN ISO 21285:2020Soil quality - Inhibition of reproduction of the soil mite (Hypoaspis aculeifer) by soil contaminants (ISO 21285:2019)2020-05-27
262NBN EN ISO 18763:2020Soil quality - Determination of the toxic effects of pollutants on germination and early growth of higher plants (ISO 18763:2016)2020-05-27
263NBN EN ISO 20130:2020Soil quality - Measurement of enzyme activity patterns in soil samples using colorimetric substrates in micro-well plates (ISO 20130:2018)2020-05-27
264NBN EN ISO 11266:2020Soil quality - Guidance on laboratory testing for biodegradation of organic chemicals in soil under aerobic conditions (ISO 11266:1994)2020-05-27
265NBN EN ISO 17512-1:2020Soil quality - Avoidance test for determining the quality of soils and effects of chemicals on behaviour - Part 1: Test with earthworms (Eisenia fetida and Eisenia andrei) (ISO 17512-1:2008)2020-05-27
266NBN EN ISO 17155:2020Soil quality - Determination of abundance and activity of soil microflora using respiration curves (ISO 17155:2012)2020-05-27
267NBN EN ISO 16484-5:2017/A1:2020Building automation and control systems (BACS) - Part 5: Data communication protocol - Amendment 1 (ISO 16484-5:2017/Amd 1:2020)2020-05-27
268NBN EN ISO 16484-6:2020Building automation and control systems (BACS) - Part 6: Data communication conformance testing (ISO 16484-6:2020)2020-05-27
269NBN EN ISO 787-19:2020General methods of test for pigments - Part 19: Determination of water-soluble nitrates (Salicylic acid method) (ISO 787-19:2020)2020-05-27
270NBN EN 16842-9:2019/AC:2020Powered industrial trucks - Visibility - Test methods and verification - Part 9: Order-picking, lateral- and front-stacking trucks with elevating operator position2020-05-27
271NBN EN 16925:2018/AC:2020Fixed firefighting systems - Automatic residential sprinkler systems - Design, installation and maintenance2020-05-27
272NBN EN 15269-1:2019/AC:2020Extended application of test results for fire resistance and/or smoke control for door, shutter and openable window assemblies, including their elements of building hardware - Part 1: General requirements2020-05-27
273NBN EN 13766:2018+A1:2020Thermoplastic multi-layer (non-vulcanized) hoses and hose assemblies for the transfer of liquid petroleum gas and liquefied natural gas - Specification2020-05-27
274NBN EN 484:2019/AC:2020Specification for dedicated liquefied petroleum gas appliances - Independent stoves, including those incorporating a grill for outdoor use2020-05-27
275NBN EN 1651:2018+A1:2020Paragliding equipment - Harnesses - Safety requirements and strength tests2020-05-27
276NBN EN 16728:2016+A2:2020LPG equipment and accessories - Transportable refillable LPG cylinders other than traditional welded and brazed steel cylinders - Periodic inspection2020-05-27
277NBN EN 1440:2016+A2:2020LPG equipment and accessories - Transportable refillable traditional welded and brazed steel Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) cylinders - Periodic inspection2020-05-27
278NBN EN 4604-006:2019/AC:2020Aerospace series - Cable, electrical, for signal transmission - Part 006: Cable, coaxial, 50 ohms, 200 °C, type WM - Product standard2020-05-27
279NBN EN 4604-007:2019/AC:2020Aerospace series - Cable, electrical, for signal transmission - Part 007: Cable, coaxial, 50 ohms, 200 °C, type WN - Product standard2020-05-27
280CEN/TS 16614-2:2020Public transport - Network and Timetable Exchange (NeTEx) - Part 2: Public transport scheduled timetables exchange format2020-05-15