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81NBN EN ISO 26825:2022Anaesthetic and respiratory equipment - User-applied labels for syringes containing drugs used during anaesthesia - Colours, design and performance (ISO 26825:2020)2022-02-12
82NBN EN ISO 19901-10:2022Petroleum and natural gas industries - Specific requirements for offshore structures - Part 10: Marine geophysical investigations (ISO 19901-10:2021)2022-02-12
83NBN EN 17476:2021+A1:2022Specifications for dedicated liquefied petroleum gas appliances - LPG vapour pressure appliances incorporating a horizontal cartridge in the chassis2022-02-12
84NBN EN 280-1:2022Mobile elevating work platforms - Part 1: Design calculations - Stability criteria - Construction - Safety - Examinations and tests2022-02-18
85NBN EN 280-2:2022Mobile elevating work platforms - Part 2: Additional safety requirements for load lifting appliances on the extending lifting structure and work platform2022-02-18
86CEN/TR 17801:2022Guidelines for water safety plan concept in buildings2022-02-18
87CEN ISO/ASTM/TR 52916:2022Additive manufacturing for medical - Data - Optimized medical image data (ISO/ASTM TR 52916:2022)2022-02-18
88NBN EN ISO 17639:2022Destructive tests on welds in metallic materials - Macroscopic and microscopic examination of welds (ISO 17639:2022)2022-02-18
89NBN EN ISO 14246:2022Gas cylinders - Cylinder valves - Manufacturing tests and examinations (ISO 14246:2022)2022-02-19
90NBN EN ISO 11339:2022Adhesives - T-peel test for flexible-to-flexible bonded assemblies (ISO 11339:2022)2022-02-19
91CEN ISO/TS 7849-2:2022Acoustics - Determination of airborne sound power levels emitted by machinery using vibration measurement - Part 2: Engineering method including determination of the adequate radiation factor (ISO/TS 7849-2:2009)2022-02-19
92CEN ISO/TS 7849-1:2022Acoustics - Determination of airborne sound power levels emitted by machinery using vibration measurement - Part 1: Survey method using a fixed radiation factor (ISO/TS 7849-1:2009)2022-02-19
93CWA 17852:2022Extensions for Financial Services (XFS) - XFS4IoT Specification - Release 2021-12022-02-19
94ISO/IEC 27002:2022Information security, cybersecurity and privacy protection ? Information security controls2022-02-21
95NBN EN 17503:2022Soil, sludge, treated biowaste and waste - Determination of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) by gas chromatography (GC) and high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)2022-02-21
96NBN EN 17472:2022Sustainability of construction works - Sustainability assessment of civil engineering works - Calculation methods2022-02-25
97NBN EN ISO 5667-1:2022Water quality - Sampling - Part 1: Guidance on the design of sampling programmes and sampling techniques (ISO 5667-1:2020)2022-02-25
98NBN EN 10202:2022Cold reduced tinmill products - Electrolytic tinplate and electrolytic chromium/chromium oxide coated steel2022-02-25
99NBN EN 1097-6:2022Tests for mechanical and physical properties of aggregates - Part 6: Determination of particle density and water absorption2022-02-25
100NBN EN ISO 23553-1:2022Safety and control devices for oil burners and oil-burning appliances - Particular requirements - Part 1: Automatic and semi-automatic valves (ISO 23553-1:2022)2022-02-25