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121NBN EN ISO 13163:2022Water quality - Lead-210 - Test method using liquid scintillation counting (ISO 13163:2021)2022-03-05
122NBN EN ISO 3915:2022Plastics - Measurement of resistivity of conductive plastics (ISO 3915:2022)2022-03-05
123NBN EN ISO 788:2022Ultramarine pigments (ISO 788:2021)2022-03-05
124CEN/CLC Guide 39:2022The role of standards in support of Technology Transfer2022-03-05
125NBN EN ISO 772:2022Hydrometry - Vocabulary and symbols (ISO 772:2022)2022-03-12
126NBN EN 16933-1:2022Drain and sewer systems outside buildings - Design - Part 1: Layout principles2022-03-12
127NBN EN ISO 52120-1:2022Energy performance of buildings - Contribution of building automation, controls and building management - Part 1: General framework and procedures (ISO 52120-1:2021)2022-03-12
128CEN ISO/TR 52120-2:2022Energy performance of buildings - Contribution of building automation, controls and building management - Part 2: Explanation and justification of ISO 52120-1 (ISO/TR 52120-2:2021)2022-03-12
129NBN EN 15427-1-1:2022Railway applications - Wheel/Rail friction management - Part 1-1: Equipment and Application - Flange Lubricants2022-03-12
130NBN EN 15061:2022Safety of machinery - Safety requirements for strip processing line machinery and equipment2022-03-12
131NBN EN 14753:2022Safety of machinery - Safety requirements for machinery and equipment for continuous casting of steel2022-03-12
132NBN EN 15093:2022Safety of machinery - Safety requirements for hot flat rolling mills2022-03-12
133NBN EN ISO 13972:2022Health informatics - Clinical information models - Characteristics, structures and requirements (ISO 13972:2022)2022-03-12
134CWA 17858:2022Guidelines for Traditional Micro-SMEs? GDPR Compliance2022-03-12
135NBN EN ISO 15013:2022Plastics - Extruded sheets of polypropylene (PP) - Requirements and test methods (ISO 15013:2022)2022-03-12
136NBN EN ISO 20347:2022Personal protective equipment - Occupational footwear (ISO 20347:2021)2022-03-19
137NBN EN ISO 20346:2022Personal protective equipment - Protective footwear (ISO 20346:2021)2022-03-19
138NBN EN ISO 20345:2022Personal protective equipment - Safety footwear (ISO 20345:2021)2022-03-19
139NBN EN 17624:2022Determination of explosion limits of gases and vapours at elevated pressures, elevated temperatures or with oxidizers other than air2022-03-19
140NBN EN ISO 10209:2022Technical product documentation - Vocabulary - Terms relating to technical drawings, product definition and related documentation (ISO 10209:2022)2022-03-19