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121NBN ISO 23508:2022Solution-polymerized SBR ? Evaluation methods of viscoelastic properties2022-06-13
122NBN ISO 25518:2022Single-use rubber gloves for general applications ? Specification2022-06-13
123NBN ISO 3934:2022Rubber, vulcanized and thermoplastic ? Preformed gaskets used in buildings ? Classification, specifications and test methods2022-06-13
124NBN ISO 17328:2022Optics and photonics ? Optical materials and components ? Test method for refractive index of infrared optical materials2022-06-13
125NBN ISO 19056-3:2022Microscopes ? Definition and measurement of illumination properties ? Part 3: Incident light fluorescence microscopy with incoherent light sources2022-06-13
126NBN ISO 13179-1:2022Implants for surgery ? Coatings on metallic surgical implants ? Part 1: Plasma-sprayed coatings derived from titanium or titanium-6 aluminum-4 vanadium alloy powders2022-06-13
127NBN ISO 22679:2022Cardiovascular implants ? Transcatheter cardiac occluders2022-06-13
128NBN ISO 25539-4:2022Cardiovascular implants ? Endovascular devices ? Part 4: Application of ISO 17327-1 for coated endovascular devices2022-06-13
129NBN ISO 24562:2022Prosthetics ? Geometrical aspects of lower limb prosthetic adapters2022-06-13
130NBN ISO 24669:2022Water-absorbent polyacrylate in urine absorbing products ? Requirements2022-06-13
131NBN ISO 22916:2022Microfluidic devices ? Interoperability requirements for dimensions, connections and initial device classification2022-06-13
132NBN ISO 4803:2022Laboratory glassware ? Borosilicate glass tubing2022-06-13
133NBN ISO 17779:2022Brazing ? Specification and qualification of brazing procedures for metallic materials2022-06-13
134NBN ISO 4761:2022Non-destructive testing of welds ? Phased array ultrasonic testing (UT-PA) for thin-walled steel components ? Acceptance levels2022-06-13
135NBN ISO 22195-4:2022Textiles ? Determination of index ingredient from coloured textile ? Part 4: Catechu2022-06-13
136NBN ISO 22195-5:2022Textiles ? Determination of index ingredient from coloured textile ? Part 5: Lac2022-06-13
137NBN ISO 22195-6:2022Textiles ? Determination of index ingredient from coloured textile ? Part 6: Punica granatum2022-06-13
138NBN ISO 24180:2022Textiles ? Synthetic filament yarns ? Electrostatic propensity evaluation by measuring electrical resistance2022-06-13
139NBN ISO 23407:2022Protective gloves against thermal risks (heat and/or fire)2022-06-13
140NBN ISO 21052:2022Restrained joint systems for ductile iron pipelines ? Calculation rules for lengths to be restrained2022-06-13