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161NBN EN ISO 4136:2022Destructive tests on welds in metallic materials - Transverse tensile test (ISO 4136:2022) 2022-06-11
162NBN EN 12252:2022LPG equipment and accessories - Equipping of LPG road tankers2022-06-11
163NBN EN ISO 16495:2022Packaging - Transport packaging for dangerous goods - Test methods (ISO 16495:2022)2022-06-11
164NBN EN ISO 18278-1:2022Resistance welding - Weldability - Part 1: General requirements for the evaluation of weldability for resistance spot, seam and projection welding of metallic materials (ISO 18278-1:2022)2022-06-11
165CEN/TR 17603-32-21:2022Space engineering - Adhesive bonding handbook2022-06-11
166CEN/TR 17603-32-22:2022Space engineering - Insert design handbook2022-06-11
167CEN/TR 17603-32-23:2022Space engineering - Threaded fasteners handbook2022-06-11
168CEN/TR 17603-32-24:2022Space engineering - Buckling of structures2022-06-11
169CEN/TR 17603-32-25:2022Space engineering - Mechanical shock design and verification handbook2022-06-11
170CEN/TR 17603-32-26:2022Space engineering - Spacecraft mechanical loads analysis handbook2022-06-11
171CEN/TR 17603-40:2022Space engineering - Software engineering handbook2022-06-11
172CEN/TR 17603-40-01:2022Space engineering - Agile software development handbook2022-06-11
173CEN/TR 17603-50:2022Space engineering - Communication guidelines2022-06-11
174CWA 17896:2022Test method for the evaluation of the adhesive properties of fibre reinforced polymer composite joints2022-06-11
175NBN EN 14081-2:2018+A1:2022Timber structures - Strength graded structural timber with rectangular cross section - Part 2: Machine grading; additional requirements for type testing2022-06-11
176NBN EN 384:2016+A2:2022Structural timber - Determination of characteristic values of mechanical properties and density2022-06-11
177NBN EN 15341:2019+A1:2022Maintenance - Maintenance Key Performance Indicators2022-06-11
178NBN ISO/IEC 18013-3:2017/A1:2022Information technology ? Personal identification ? ISO-compliant driving licence ? Part 3: Access control, authentication and integrity validation ? Amendment 1: PACE protocol2022-06-09
179NBN ISO/IEC 27021:2017/A1:2022Information technology ? Security techniques ? Competence requirements for information security management systems professionals ? Amendment 1: Addition of ISO/IEC 27001:2013 clauses or subclauses to competence requirements2022-06-09
180NBN ISO/IEC 23000-22:2019/A2:2022Information technology ? Multimedia application format (MPEG-A) ? Part 22: Multi-image application format (MIAF) ? Amendment 2: HEVC Advanced HDR profile and other clarifications2022-06-09