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1CEN/TS 17287:2019Requirements and test methods for electronic cigarette devices2019-01-18
2CEN ISO/TS 21805:2019Guidance on design, selection and installation of vents to safeguard the structural integrity of enclosures protected by gaseous fire-extinguishing systems (ISO/TS 21805:2018)2019-01-25
3CWA 17369:2019Authenticity and fraud in the feed and food chain - Concepts, terms, and definitions2019-01-25
4NBN EN ISO 472:2013/A1:2019Plastics - Vocabulary - Amendment 1: Additional items (ISO 472:2013/Amd 1:2018)2019-01-30
5NBN EN 1621-3:2019Motorcyclists' protective clothing against mechanical impact ? Part 3: Motorcyclists' chest protectors - Requirements and test methods2019-01-30
6NBN EN ISO 13438:2019Geosynthetics - Screening test method for determining the resistance of geotextiles and geotextile-related products to oxidation (ISO 13438:2018)2019-01-30
7NBN EN 17126:2019Chemical disinfectants and antiseptics - Quantitative suspension test for the evaluation of sporicidal activity of chemical disinfectants in the medical area - Test method and requirements (phase 2, step 1)2019-01-30
8NBN EN 16907-1:2019Earthworks - Part 1: Principles and general rules2019-01-30
9NBN EN 16907-2:2019Earthworks - Part 2: Classification of materials2019-01-30
10NBN EN 16907-3:2019Earthworks - Part 3: Construction procedures2019-01-30
11NBN EN 16907-4:2019Earthworks - Part 4: Soil treatment with lime and/or hydraulic binders2019-01-30
12NBN EN 16907-5:2019Earthworks - Part 5: Quality control2019-01-30
13NBN EN 16925:2019Fixed firefighting systems - Automatic residential sprinkler systems - Design, installation and maintenance2019-01-30
14NBN EN 13880-8:2019Hot applied joint sealants - Part 8: Test method for the determination of the change in weight of fuel resistance joint sealants after fuel immersion2019-01-30
15NBN EN 10348-2:2019Steel for the reinforcement of concrete - Galvanized reinforcing steel - Part 2: Galvanized reinforcing steel products2019-01-30
16NBN EN 14587-1:2019Railway applications - Infrastructure - Flash butt welding of new rails - Part 1: R220, R260, R260Mn, R320Cr, R350HT, R350LHT, R370CrHT and R400HT grade rails in a fixed plant2019-01-30
17NBN EN 17138:2019Conservation of Cultural Heritage - Methods and materials for cleaning porous inorganic materials2019-01-30
18NBN EN 15595:2019Railway applications - Braking - Wheel slide protection2019-01-30
19NBN EN 13001-3-4:2019Cranes - General design - Part 3-4: Limit states and proof of competence of machinery - Bearings2019-01-30
20NBN EN ISO 18497:2019Agricultural machinery and tractors - Safety of highly automated agricultural machines - Principles for design (ISO 18497:2018)2019-01-30