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201CEN/TS 17713:2022Plant biostimulants - Determination of Azospirillum spp.2022-03-26
202CEN/TS 17714:2022Plant biostimulants - Determination of microorganisms' concentration2022-03-26
203CEN/TS 17715:2022Plant biostimulants - Detection of Shigella spp.2022-03-26
204CEN/TS 17716:2022Plant biostimulants - Determination of Escherichia coli2022-03-26
205CEN/TS 17717:2022Plant biostimulants - Detection of Salmonella spp.2022-03-26
206CEN/TS 17718:2022Plant biostimulants - Determination of Rhizobium spp.2022-03-26
207CEN/TS 17719:2022Plant biostimulants - Determination of the anaerobic plate count2022-03-26
208CEN/TS 17700-3:2022Plant biostimulants - Claims - Part 3: Tolerance to abiotic stress resulting from the use of a plant biostimulant2022-03-26
209CEN/TS 17720:2022Plant biostimulants - Determination of Enterococcaceae2022-03-26
210CEN/TS 17721:2022Plant biostimulants - Determination of the pH for liquid microbial plant biostimulants/pH in microbial products - Determination of pH2022-03-26
211CEN/TS 17722:2022Plant biostimulants - Determination of mycorrhizal fungi2022-03-26
212CEN/TS 17701-1:2022Plant biostimulants - Determination of specific elements - Part 1: Digestion by aqua regia for subsequent determination of elements2022-03-26
213CEN/TS 17701-2:2022Plant biostimulants - Determination of specific elements - Part 2: Determination of total content of Cd, Pb, Ni, As, Cr, Cu and Zn2022-03-26
214CEN/TS 17723:2022Plant biostimulants - Determination of chloride 2022-03-26
215CEN/TS 17724:2022Plant biostimulants - Terminology2022-03-26
216CEN/TS 17725:2022Plant biostimulants - Determination of the quantity (indicated by mass or volume)2022-03-26
217CEN/TS 17749:2022Fire extinguishing systems in commercial kitchens - System design, documentation, and test requirements - Fire test procedures for plenum and ducts2022-03-26
218NBN EN ISO 8536-15:2022Infusion equipment for medical use - Part 15: Light-protective infusion sets for single use (ISO 8536-15:2022)2022-03-26
219CEN ISO/TS 9241-126:2022Ergonomics of human-system interaction - Part 126: Guidance on the presentation of auditory information (ISO/TS 9241-126:2019)2022-03-26
220CEN ISO/TS 21356-1:2022Nanotechnologies - Structural characterization of graphene - Part 1: Graphene from powders and dispersions (ISO/TS 21356-1:2021)2022-03-26