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141NBN ISO 16128-2:2020Cosmetics ? Guidelines on technical definitions and criteria for natural and organic cosmetic ingredients ? Part 2: Criteria for ingredients and products2020-02-27
142NBN ISO 22715:2020Cosmetics ? Packaging and labelling2020-02-27
143NBN ISO 22319:2020Security and resilience ? Community resilience ? Guidelines for planning the involvement of spontaneous volunteers2020-02-27
144NBN ISO 28001:2020Security management systems for the supply chain ? Best practices for implementing supply chain security, assessments and plans ? Requirements and guidance2020-02-27
145NBN ISO 28002:2020Security management systems for the supply chain ? Development of resilience in the supply chain ? Requirements with guidance for use2020-02-27
146NBN ISO 28003:2020Security management systems for the supply chain ? Requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of supply chain security management systems2020-02-27
147NBN ISO 28004-1:2020Security management systems for the supply chain ? Guidelines for the implementation of ISO 28000 ? Part 1: General principles2020-02-27
148NBN ISO 50004:2020Energy management systems - Guidance for the implementation, maintenance and improvement of an energy management system2020-02-27
149NBN NF Z42-026:2020Definitie en specificaties voor getrouwe digitalisering van papieren documenten en controle van deze dienstverlening
Définition et spécifications des prestations de numérisation fidèle de documents sur support papier et contrôle de ces prestations
150NBN EN 3219:2020Aerospace series - Heat resisting nickel base alloy (NI-P100HT) - Cold worked and softened - Bar and wire for continuous forging or extrusion for fasteners - 3 mm ? D ? 30 mm2020-02-27
151NBN EN 3358:2020Aerospace series - Steel FE-PM1503 (X3CrNiMoAl 13-8-2) - Vacuum induction melted and consumable electrode remelted - Solution treated and precipitation treated - Bar for machining - a or D ? 150 mm - Rm ? 1 400 MPa2020-02-27
152NBN EN 3666:2020Aerospace series - Heat resisting alloy NI-PH2601 - Solution treated and cold worked - Bar for forged fasteners - D ? 50 mm - 1 550 MPa ? Rm ? 1 830 MPa2020-02-27
153NBN EN 3761:2020Aerospace series - Heat resisting alloy FE-PA2601 - Softened and cold worked - Bar for forged fasteners - D ? 50 mm - 1 100 MPa ? Rm ? 1 300 MPa2020-02-27
154NBN EN 12973:2020Value Management2020-02-27
155NBN EN 16905-2:2020Gas-fired endothermic engine driven heat pumps - Part 2: Safety2020-02-27
156NBN EN 17250:2020Foodstuffs - Determination of ochratoxin A in spices, liquorice, cocoa and cocoa products by IAC clean-up and HPLC-FLD2020-02-27
157NBN EN 17251:2020Foodstuffs - Determination of ochratoxin A in pork meat and derived products by IAC clean-up and HPLC-FLD2020-02-27
158NBN EN ISO 6414:2020Technical product documentation (TPD) - Technical drawings for glassware (ISO 6414:2020)2020-02-27
159NBN EN 16282-6:2020Equipment for commercial kitchens - Components for ventilation in commercial kitchens - Part 6: Aerosol separators; Design and safety requirements2020-02-27
160NBN EN 16604-20:2020Space sustainability - Planetary protection2020-02-27