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41NBN EN 2267-010:2017Aerospace series - Cables, electrical, for general purpose - Operating temperatures between -55 °C and 260 °C - Part 010: DR family, single UV laser printable - Product standard2019-01-30NBN EN 2267-010:2019
42NBN EN 71-14:2014+A1:2017Safety of toys - Part 14: Trampolines for domestic use2019-01-30NBN EN 71-14:2019
43NBN EN 15663:2017Railway applications - Vehicle reference masses2019-01-30
44CEN/TS 16794-1:2017Public transport - Communication between contactless readers and fare media - Part 1: Implementation requirements for ISO/IEC 144432019-10-29CEN/TS 16794-1:2019
45NBN EN ISO 9697:2017Water quality - Gross beta activity in non-saline water - Test method using thick source (ISO 9697:2015)2019-07-24NBN EN ISO 9697:2019
46CEN/TS 16794-2:2017Public transport - Communication between contactless readers and fare media - Part 2: Test plan for ISO/IEC 144432019-10-29CEN/TS 16794-2:2019
47NBN EN ISO 9873:2017Dentistry - Intra-oral mirrors (ISO 9873:2017)2019-06-26NBN EN ISO 9873:2019
48CEN ISO/TS 19091:2017Intelligent transport systems - Cooperative ITS - Using V2I and I2V communications for applications related to signalized intersections (ISO/TS 19091:2017)2019-07-05CEN ISO/TS 19091:2019
49NBN EN 4827:2017Aerospace series - Hexavalent chromium free anodizing of aluminium and aluminium alloys2019-10-23NBN EN 4827:2019
50NBN EN ISO 23910:2017Leather - Physical and mechanical tests - Measurement of stitch tear resistance (ISO 23910:2017)2019-07-24NBN EN ISO 23910:2019
51NBN EN 1762:2017Rubber hoses and hose assemblies for liquefied petroleum gas, LPG (liquid or gaseous phase), and natural gas up to 25 bar (2,5 MPa) - Specification2019-01-30NBN EN 1762:2019
52NBN EN 12976-2:2017Thermal solar systems and components - Factory made systems - Part 2: Test methods2019-04-17NBN EN 12976-2:2019
53NBN EN 15416-3:2017Adhesives for load bearing timber structures other than phenolic and aminoplastic - Test methods - Part 3: Creep deformation test at cyclic climate conditions with specimens loaded in bending shear2019-04-17
54NBN EN 527-2:2017Office furniture - Work tables - Part 2: Safety, strength and durability requirements2019-05-23
55NBN EN 378-4:2016Refrigerating systems and heat pumps - Safety and environmental requirements - Part 4: Operation, maintenance, repair and recovery2019-10-23
56NBN EN ISO 15512:2016Plastics - Determination of water content (ISO 15512:2016)2019-06-26NBN EN ISO 15512:2019
57NBN EN ISO 11494:2016Jewellery - Determination of platinum in platinum jewellery alloys - ICP-OES method using yttrium as internal standard element (ISO 11494:2014)2019-09-25NBN EN ISO 11494:2019
58NBN EN ISO 11495:2016Jewellery - Determination of palladium in palladium jewellery alloys - ICP-OES method using yttrium as internal standard element (ISO 11495:2014)2019-09-25NBN EN ISO 11495:2019
59NBN EN ISO 9202:2016Jewellery - Fineness of precious metal alloys (ISO 9202:2014)2019-06-26NBN EN ISO 9202:2019
60NBN EN 388:2016Protective gloves against mechanical risks2019-01-30